About Us


Michael Raymond is an accomplished Videographer and Photographer with a special interest in travel documentary, legacy, and storytelling. He has traveled worldwide, photographing in Paris, London, Moscow, The Tver Region of Russia, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. He has filmed everything from stage productions and promotional videos to weddings and surprise marriage proposals. His one-on-one approach and attention to detail has been well-received.

As a Holistic Nurse and former Contemplative Monk, Raymond is adept at interviewing to capture the true story, the essence of a place or person, converting this information to a medium that engages viewers and instills a sense of wonder.

Raymond has traveled extensively since birth, having been born to U.S. parents in London, England and spending his childhood traveling throughout Europe while the family resided in Waterloo, Belgium. From the age of 18, the childhood seeds blossomed to a wanderlust that inevitably saw the exploration of such places as Kealekekua, Hawaii and Novozavidova, Russia.

Mission Statement:

Promoting and educating our global citizens in the use of Memoir and Video Biography to overcome and prevent debilitating health conditions while growing in respect and awareness of the fragile interdependent relationships we have with each other; both human and non-human.

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the Fox River Valley and alongside Lake Winnebago. Our small city provides a perfect backdrop for our  work.   Give us a call at 920-203-6538 to schedule an appointment.

Today's Headline

Holiday Traditions Include Entire Family

The coffee pot drips, giving off a perfect aroma of a dark roast elixir. The kids begin to stir, playing in the front living room with the multitude of Grandma’s dolls while the Adult congregate in the kitchen. It is the day after Thanksgiving and all are recovering from a large feast, lounging in over-sized chairs and catching up on news.


Family Portraits & Biographies

At Imagine Road Productions, we specialize in capturing not just the family portrait, but also the candids that depict the life and character of the family.  We do this by involving the entire family in our productions, from the very young to the elders, through role playing and characterizations.

Whether you want us to simply put together your annual ‘Family Portrait’, or would like a in-depth ‘Family Bio Film’, we have something that will fit your budget.