Holiday Traditions Include Entire Family

The coffee pot drips, giving off a perfect aroma of a dark roast elixir. The kids begin to stir, playing in the front living room with the multitude of Grandma’s dolls while the Adult congregate in the kitchen. It is the day after Thanksgiving and all are recovering from a large feast, lounging in over-sized chairs and catching up on news.

Most families have some manner of tradition, sometimes changing as the family expands, sometimes being questioned or even disbanded altogether. What doesn’t change is our need to remember and reflect on the past, making the preservation of these special moments extremely important.

With technology continuing to move forward, the smart phone has made it easy to capture candid pics and video clips. There is always someone in the family that is more than happy to take on the fun of being the shutterbug, sometimes a bit too much.

These moments can be combined year after year to create a moving portrait of the families life, preserving them for future generations to watch again and again.  Or even better, they can be combined with in-person interviews, footage of family members engaged in activities and the other little bits that make every family unique.

At Imagine Road Productions, we’ve created an easy way for you to start a new family tradition that includes the entire family. Whether it’s having us come over for a family photo shoot or a biographical fillming, our low-cost options are a perfect way for you to preserve these occasions and special moments.