Preparations Underway

Busy week preparing.  Sifting through numerous clues, scouring Northern New Mexico’s Rocky Mountains using Google Earth, and doing what is needed to become physically prepared for hiking in altitude, has been time-consuming to say the least.  The good news is that my efforts have produced at least two ‘solves’ to explore once on site July 22nd.  With a new pair of hiking boots, a suitable day pack, and the important topographic maps, it is looking good.

By now, you are sure to have heard about ‘Forrest Fenn’s Treasure’ and authorities efforts to have Forrest halt the search and retrieve the treasure himself.  Many feel that encouraging folks (individuals, families, couples) to get off the couch and explore the mountains is a good thing.  Don’t the adventure magazines and travel magazines do just this?  Should they cases publication because their articles may have caused someone to experience an accident or death?  

In response to the pleas to stop the search, Forrest has repeated (again) for people not to search in a dangerous place or without the proper precautions.  He hid the treasure when he was 80 years old and weak from cancer treatment.  “Think like a tourist”, Fenn continues to say.  

My first hike this past weekend occurred at the ‘Raven Hiking Trail’ in the American Legion State Forest up in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  With steep hills and challenging terrain, it made me realize how out of shape I’ve become.  Still, things are quickly improving and even my son Ivan is excited about our future hiking and backpacking together.