Treasure Quest

“The Forrest Fenn Treasure” In the local paper yesterday, there was an article about a Colorado Pastor found near Pilar, NM in the Rio Grande, apparently searching for the chest of treasure left by 80 yr old Forrest Fenn in mid-2000. More than 65,000 people have unsuccessfully searched for this treasure in the Rocky Mountains in four states spanning from New Mexico to Montana. At the end of September, I will be driving out to Pilar, NM and recovering the chest. In the process, I will be making preparations, analyzing Mr. Fenn’s clues from his poem, and putting together a documentary video of the entire expedition.  However, this is more than just a simple quest for me.

A ‘Quest’, even a ‘Treasure Quest’ means different things to different people. Many see a treasure hunt as just that, a search for some big payoff, with a reward to make all one’s dreams come true. During my time in the Monastery, I came to realize  life’s true Quest has to do with finding one’s higher purpose, a reason for being.  It isn’t about financial freedom but freedom from want.  For me, that is what this Quest is about; finding a higher purpose (at least starting that journey again) as it relates to my relationship with my 8 year old Son Ivan.

Stay tuned for more!