Tesuque Creek – North of Sante Fe

Tesuque Creek in New Mexico. According to recent online research, a quick drive from Santa Fe brings me to picturesque Hyde Memorial State Park and the Tesuque Creek .  This area offers lower-elevation vegetation, including pinyon-juniper and oak-pine belts. The creek is easily accessed; its water provides welcome relief on hot summer days.  What’s more important, is a short drive up Hwy 475 out of Santa Fe brings me to Hyde Memorial State Park and the Little Tesuque Falls.  In this area along the highway, is an impact crater that was first discovered in 2005.  All of it holds promise as a potential location for Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

This past week’s hike on the Ice Age Trail (the Holy Hill segment) was just perfect and tranquil.  It was so nice to find a trail system just an hour from my home in Oshkosh that can be visited again and again.  Holy Hill itself makes for a perfect resting place, a sanctuary allowing for deep contemplation.  With this final preparatory hike complete, these final days have been focused on zeroing in on my ‘Solves’ starting points, ensuring the locations match up with the nine clues from Forrest’s poem.

This week’s perusing, had me thinking about Forrest’s comments that the treasure was hidden in one afternoon without his wife knowing he was gone.  I started thinking that the possibility of him driving 2.5 hours north to Taos County, traveling less than 3 miles from car to cache, and returning home to Sante Fe was not very realistic.  Yes, he might not have left from home or there may be other details that factor into all of this.  Still, finding a location that was close to 8.25 miles North (Forrest’s definition of North is a northerly direction 90 deg to 280 deg on compass).  While this area just north of Santa Fe has been searched extensively for many years, finding a happy meal-sized treasure box is not easy.


This Friday, I’ll leave Oshkosh for Chicago at 4A to be sure to get to Ohare for my flight out to Albuquerque via DFW.  Landing early that afternoon, I should be able to get my rental car and have adequate time to search this area before proceeding to my motel room in Taos.  Then, the fun will really begin.